Marconic errata

Marco wrote me to set me straight on his role in Zorg and Andy. He was mainly the production designer and only had a small part. Also, he sends this additional article, which has a bit more detail.

Also, he pointed out that while he was responsible for the Stephanie/Carrie Newcomer theory, he contends that it was only 10% creepy, and “The rest was all teacakes and sunshiny sweetness.”

I spent so much time thinkin’ about Eleanor Bron

It’s Friday afternoon, I need some cheerin’ up, and Ed’s post about dream reunions reminded me of the Yo La Tengo video for “Tom Courtenay”, ca. 1995, in which our heroes are invited to open for the Beatles.

The whole thing is so darn clever, but the part that always slays me is the reference to the press conference in “A Hard Day’s Night” where someone asks Ringo if he’s a Mod or a Rocker, and he says “I’m a mocker”.