On The Road

In the last three weeks, I’ve driven about 2,800 miles between Boston and Montreal, Boston and State College, PA, New Wilmington PA, and southwestern PA. It’s good. I like driving. It gets to be very zen. Or at least Helmeckian. You just let the road come to you, and sit.

As previously mentioned, Montreal was a mini-family reunion, where I got to see my sister, brother, sister-in-law, and meet my new niece Eva for the first time. Picked up a copy of Rip, Rig, + Panic’s “God” at a pretty reasonable price at a great little record shop that seemed frighteningly as if I had stocked it. Ate a lot of fantastic Thai vegetarian food at the amazing Chu Chai (we went once and got take-out once. What with the baby and Simon’s late-night post-ballet schedule, we ended up eating take-out in the hotel room a couple of times). I was just soooo happy to see my sibs and have some time off, all in a fantastically cool city.

We went to State College over Mother’s Day weekend. Kim, Glenn, and other relatively fresh-hatched niece Hope were there. Got some great finds at the AAUW book fair; about 10 paperbacks, three books of music (one compiled by Pete Seeger, one German language accordion book), and some sheet music, all for under $9. Rented an economy car to drive back in (so that Terri could have the Civic in State College for the week) and comically ended up with a Nissan Xterra, which was literally the only thing that Alamo had to give me.

Last weekend was my youngest sister’s college graduation. *sniff*. The weather held out, and it turned out to be a beautiful day.