Little men

Saw a commercial for what looks like a godawful one-joke movie while watching poor Petey get hammered. But the image of the old-man baby taps deeply into my subconscious. When I was a kid, I was constantly having dreams that my mother was pregnant (which was probably not a stretch, as I’m the oldest of 5, all born within ten years) but the baby would be born, and it would be a gnome-like old man. The weirdest variant of that was the one where she gave birth, and the baby was already five years old, and it was

Reunited, and it feels so good

So, my G4 PowerBook that I got last August had a bit of a flakey display; starting in October or so, every so often, the LCD display would start to grey over. I took it in to the Genius Bar at the Cambridgeside Galleria and the guy thought it was probably a hardware issue, and that it would have to get shipped to the real support place, and so I should probably back up my hard drive. Thing was, when I got it home, it worked fine for 5 months. Couldn’t make the greying thing happen if I wanted to. Then, when we got back from our little Montreal excursion at the beginning of May, it pretty much stopped working altogether, and I could rarely get it to not do the greying thing. But I just didn’t have my act together to do the backup and send it in.

I should have, though. They turned it around in 3 days; I dropped it off at the Apple Store on Sunday at about 4:45pm, and DHL tried to deliver it at 9:08 am on Wednesday. Not bad!

According to the receipt, they replaced the ASSY, INVERTER, PIEZO, TOKIN, PB15″; and they also did some REPAIR: TIGHTEN/LUBRICATE HINGES.

I went from being not so happy that my fancy expensive computer was not working, to impressed at the speedy repair. Let’s see how it holds up.

Clicks for Rick

So, I don’t really believe in donating to political campaigns, because that money just goes into making manipulative commercials that line the pockets of old media companies. So, what I’m doing instead is trying to cost my candidates’ opponents money by searching for their names or the office on Google and Yahoo! and clicking on their ads.

In reality, it’s just the lesser of two evils; this money just goes to new media companies, to aid in their efforts to help the Chinese government oppress its people. But at least there aren’t manipulative commercials as a byproduct.

If anybody has any better creative anti-donation strategies, I’m all ears.