The ol’ PowerBook is dead again. It worked OK for about three weeks since it came back from AppleCare, then one day, the whole screen-fuzzing-over thing started again, periodically, with increasing frequency, until about two weeks ago, when the display just completely stopped working ever.
So, yesterday, I spent about 30 minutes on hold waiting for someone at AppleCare, listening to four of the world’s worst songs over and over, before I had to give up (to head to The Somerville Open).

Today, I had fewer committments, so I stayed on hold longer, until I finally got someone, who stuck to the script (reboot, reboot from CD, reset the power unit, blah blah), though I knew it was going to end up with my having to send it back.

While things could be worse, the mere fact that I have to send it back again means I do have to rescind my earlier positivity about AppleCare.