San Francisco’s calling us…

The inevitable Terri eating breakfast shotGreetings from the west coast. I have a large backlog of posts that will have to wait until tomorrow, but I thought I’d revel in the free ubiquitous San Francisco wi-fi by saying ‘hello’.

It was harder to find in LA, to be sure, but also, to be fair, we didn’t really try that hard. Nice to be offline once in a while. The B&B we stayed at in Cambria, CA last night didn’t even have cell phone coverage, which was actually awesome.

Have some photos to tide yerselves over.

9/11 & Blogging

This Wired News story is definitely true for me & Terri. We started our first official blog the week after.

While September 17, 2001 was probably the safest possible time to fly out of Logan, and while the following 10 days were probably the best possible time in the last 5 years to be an American visiting Europe (you know, “nous tous sommes des Américains” and all that), naturally, lots of family and friends were on edge about us going through with our honeymoon as planned. Calling everyone every day was infeasible, so we got a free Blogger account, and promised to update as often as we could get our heinies to an internet cafe.

And so we did.