Zombies invade Pittsburgh!

Contrary to what The Onion says, Pittsburgh has been overdue for its first zombie attack.

(For those who haven’t seen this, similar public zombie spectacles originated in San Francisco and spread to Vancouver, Madison, Toronto, New Orleans and here in Somerville/Cambridge (where anti-zombie protesters held signs saying, brilliantly, “Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Gggblaaaagh“)).

While some of these cities may have a greater tradition of public spectacle, none can match Pittsburgh for its rich zombie history (except for New Orleans, which handily beats all comers in both categories). The modern conception of the zombie was born there, in fact, when George Romero, a Carnegie Mellon University graduate, filmed Night of the Living Dead in Western Pennsylvania with a crew and production facilities based in Pittsburgh. Night of the Living Dead, both the 1968 and 1990 versions, also featured WPXI fixture “Chilly Billy” Cardille, most famous for hosting Chiller Theater, a local horror show in the 60′s (and into the 70′s?). (By the time my childhood rolled around, he was hosting (I’m not kidding) a 7pm televised bingo show.)

Bringing things full circle, the walk was organized by It’s Alive, a Pittsburgh television show which has taken on Chiller Theater’s late-night horror movie mantle. This, according to my cousin (and frequent RFB commenter) Margaret, whom you see in Zombie form pictured above. It’s actually her flickr photos that tipped me off to the event.

The new currency of the Terri & Ezra show

We decided over breakfast this morning: Dubloons and Ezros. Minting and printing to commence.

Also, money-related, for those with whom were we were talking the other night about J.S. Boggs, I sort of now remember why I interviewed him when I worked at In Pittsburgh in the early 90′s. It was something about the closing of some South Side landmark, maybe the Channel 4 clock? This reminded me that he helped save the Brew House.

It’s getting to the point where I should have a Pittsburgh category.