Offline update

OK, so I didn’t really mean to actually go offline and get busy with Real Life stuff after that last post, it just sort of worked out that way.

In no particular order, and with no particular attempt at completeness, Terri and I have

  • gone to Virginia to visit Terri’s sister and fam, including Adorable Niece the Elder
  • had a visit from Marco and Tim while Marco was up from Austin for a wedding
  • gone to see DC band The Beauty Pill at Great Scott with Editrix and Summervillain last Friday. When they rocked they were great, but overall, I think there was a little too much “look how smart I am, look how many chords I know, look how many times we can change tempo” for my usual tastes.
  • gone to the Boston Vegetarian Food Fest on Saturday with a friend. I am neither vegan nor vegetarian yet. Important tidbit learned: unlike marshmallows proper, Fluff is actually not made with gelatin, so it is actually vegetarian. It is made egg whites, though, so not vegan.
  • ordered a ton of paper and other supplies for the stuff we’re making to sell at the Bazaar Bizarre.
  • went to see Now, Voyager at the Harvard Film Archive, one of Terri’s favorite movies, with Amy & Colin

Solo, I have

  • sent the PowerBook into AppleCare for the third time to fix the same issue, which recurred. I’m hoping at this point that they’ll just replace the whole stupid thing.
  • read Kelly Link’s Magic for Beginners, which was as fantastic as advertised.
  • read some of the neat little zines I bought on our trip to LA and SF

5 thoughts on “Offline update”

  1. Oh oh oh! You read Kelly Link! Next, you need to at least read “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose,” which is one of my favorite short stories EVAR.

  2. Sorry, Dr. Villain, your comment lived in moderationland for the last week.

    As you probably have surmised, I am now just ankle-deep in Stranger Things Happen. I read “The Specialist’s Hat” last night and was so creeped out I wouldn’t go downstairs unless Terri came with me. True.

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