Upcoming at the Brattle

I’m surprised that the Brattle isn’t showing Wings of Desire this year. They were showing it every holiday season for a while there, and this year people might be inclined to go, given that the A.R.T is putting on a stage version. Or maybe they are thinking that people will be all Wings of Desire-d out.
(We’re going to the A.R.T. production next week; I’m not sure whether it’s going to be great, like 90% of everything the A.R.T. puts on, or whether it’s just not going to translate to the stage. The cinematic technique is part of the point: the use of black and white stock, shot from high camera angles lets you see as the angels see; the overdubbed thoughts of the people on screen lets you hear what the angels hear. I have no idea how they’re going to pull that off. I wonder if that’s why Wim Wenders decided not to get involved— he’s a film director and might really not really have an idea of how to bring it to the stage.)

Anyway, I am also a little disappointed to see that It’s A Wonderful Life is relegated to two 1pm matinees next weekend. I have fond memories of the year that they served cookies and cider after one of the evening screenings.

And I’m really disapointed with myself for being too slow on the draw to get tickets to see (Brattle boardmember) David Lynch do Q&A after his new film premieres tonight at the Brattle. All I get is this YouTube video of him with a cow (which is pretty great: “Oh, my God, it’s f***ing David Lynch! What is David Lynch doing with a f***ing cow on the corner of LaBrea and Hollywood?!”).