Daily Dispatch, 03 Jan 2007

I had an epiphany last night in the bathroom while I was getting my pajamas out of my suitcase.

I get blog-block more often than not because of that damnable title field. Sometimes, I just don’t have something to say that’s enheaderable, and this was not meant to be the kind of blog where I’m actually supposed to have Something To Say.™

So when I get into that state, my title will be “Daily Dispatch, DD-Mon-YYYY”. Problem solved. Let the blather begin.

I’m with Terri at the Trident slurping down beer by Beck’s (not bad– why did I never try one before? Better than a Heine, better than the other $2.95 options at the Trident (Miller Lite, Dos Equis)) and slurping down free bandwidth by NewburyOpen.net. Terri is off looking at magazines high as a kite on some tranquilizer that she took before her MRI tonight. I picked her up at the Harvard Vanguard in Fenway so she wouldn’t have to navigate the T alone.

Dinner was a breakfast burrito and a basket of fries.

Oh, in case you were wondering, I had my suitcase in the bathroom because I am still not unpacked from Christmas. I took it into the bathroom to get out some toiletries on Monday and have been taking an item at a time as needed. Such is the nigh on bottomless depths of my ability to procrastinate.

OK, computer is crashing and Terri has returned. We must get her home before she crashes, too.