As I am with everything else, I’m about 20 years late to the party in discovering Felt. I can’t stop listening to the song “My Darkest Light Will Shine”.

Daily Dispatch, 24 Jan 2007

Poetic Receipt from Emma's Tonight was Terri’s knit night and I was working late. I met up with her at the Black Sheep in Kendall Sq where she and Amy C. were shutting it down, and Terri and I went to Emma’s. When the guy behind Terri got up to go, we realized it was Sam.

The Void

My mother has had a pen pal in Northern Ireland since she was in 2nd grade, and at some point they began exchanging Christmas presents for each others’ kids. They have yet to stop, though the youngest of each set of kids is well into adulthood. This year, I got a long, narrow calendar with scenes of Northern Ireland, with the days listed vertically: a number and then a horizontal line for every day. I’ve been writing a short description of a couple of things that happened every day, and have only missed a few days so far. It’s remarkable how 10 words or less can keep the days from falling anonymously into the void.