Daily Dispatch, 25 Jan 2007

Today’s theme: all things Irish. This morning we managed to again swing some tickets to see The Pogues (Shane apparently will live see another one, I hope) and lined up a rogues gallery to go which includes the elusive red-flanneled Helmeckius. I was talking to an Irish co-worker about it, and she used the word “minging”, and mentioned that when she was home for Christmas, she saw Shane interviewed by Podge and Rodge on RTE (they’re after my time, but they seem so RTE). There was some talk about my time in Ireland here in the comments. And then, the evening consisted of slightly too many beers at Johnny D’s with Trixie and the Villain, and then the walk home for some tea, which felt a lot like the days of meeting up with friends after class at the student pub at UCD and getting chased home when it closed at 11 (“have youse no homes to go to?”), and then having tea back at the flat.