Daily Dispatch, 10 Jan 2007

  • I finally wrote about the Bazaar Bizarre at the Rainy Planet Press Blog, and have started a Rainy Planet Etsy store, and have some pictures of some of the stuff that we were selling.
  • The excellent Weekly Dig is losing its editor-in-chief. There are two even better write-ups of it in the excellent Boston Globe (yes, I just used those three words in that order) Brainiac blog (the blog for the Sunday Ideas section) here and here. The second of those mentions Jeff Lawrence, the owner and cofounder who I met at the Bazaar Bizarre (you already read about that in the Rainy Planet blog entry, though, didn’t you?); it was a highlight of the Bazaar to get to tell him in person what a dismal, boring waste of trees the Phoenix is, and to thank him for the Dig. It felt good. Readers of this blog will attest that I have been ranting about this at every opportunity and wasn’t just kissing up. And if I needed further vindication, the week following the Bazaar, the Phoenix ran a big picture of Jim Fucking Morrison on the cover. Jim Morrison! I can’t make that up.
  • Tomorrow night we’re going to the Onion Cellar at the ART. From the reviews, I get the idea that it’s not great theater; more like the “Mamma Mia” of the Dresden Dolls, except if ABBA were actually in “Mamma Mia”, so I guess it’s like the Billy Joel musical that he apparently was actually in. At any rate, I’m hoping it’s not an atrocity like the Bob Dylan musical. (Warning, you may have to take a shower if you actually watch this video).

3 thoughts on “Daily Dispatch, 10 Jan 2007”

  1. Congrats on Rainy Day’s succesful debut. You’ve got some nice cards there.

    Wow, and I thought those Victoria’s Secret ads starring Mr. Z were cringe-inducing. Nothing compared to that clip. I couldn’t even finish watching it. Dylan would be spinning in his grave, if it weren’t for the fact that he’s still alive and probably making a ton of money off of this travesty.

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