One Less VW Passat Wagon

I should have snapped a photo of the Passat Wagon I saw today that had a sticker that said “One Less SUV”. You know, maybe you have the right to be this kind of sanctimonious shit if you put that sticker on your bike. But if you’re driving a car? Any car? I think that qualifies as hypocrisy. Especially if your car gets between 18 and 23 mpg depending on the model; that’s only 2 mpg better than a Hummer H3.

This was in the Whole Foods parking lot, as you might have suspected.

9 thoughts on “One Less VW Passat Wagon”

  1. Well, maybe this was a person who needs the space (perhaps they have kids), and a station wagon for them is at least not an SUV. I know what you mean, though.

  2. I’m not saying wagons (or SUVs, or cars) are bad: I can even imagine myself in a wagon one day. But I’m not going to pretend I’m doing the world a favor by getting one.

  3. Apropos of nothing, the per-capita rate of shoppers wearing berets at the Fresh Pond Whole Foods has to be the highest of any store outside of Paris. Most times I see at least one 60-something male sporting a beret there.

  4. Ed, you are totally right. I bet they could do a brisk business selling berets made from organic cotton!

    It’s also the weirdest strip mall in the world. Whole Foods + TJ Maxx, + a smoke shop + a sporting goods store + McDonalds + a J.C. Penny’s Catalog Office + Radio Shack + OfficeMax + a theater that used to be a totally run-down Loew’s but is now some random independent place that still shows the same ca-ca as the Loew’s used to.

  5. Don’t forget the Christmas warehouse or whatever that thing is. The beret sightings suggest a disturbing shift toward a Manhattan Transfer-esque fashion aesthetic. Be very afraid.

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