Greetings from Portsmouth

Snow shooterGreetings from Portsmouth, at our annual circa-Valentine’s-Day weekend away.

We are currently ensconced here at Popover’s, a new-ish restaurant/coffee/desert/bakery place near Market Square. I’ve never had much loyalty to Breaking New Grounds, because of their lackluster coffee, and their congestion, especially when it’s too cold for the outdoor seating.

Anyway, since I blew through the copy of Persepolis 2 that Kim & Glenn bought me for my birthday already, I didn’t have any reading material last night. So after dinner at the Brewery, we headed to RiverRun books, 5 minutes before they closed. I was unable to find anything on the spot, so we decided to come back tomorrow. The woman who kicked us out recommended coming back either early or later today, because Bill Richardson (New Mexico governor and presidential candidate) would be speaking. I also read in the New Hampshire Gazette (a free bi-weekly liberal-in-that-cranky-new-hampshire-way opinion rag) that Dennis Kucinich had been there a couple of weeks ago. I swear, the New Hampshire madness starts earlier every election cycle, just like Christmas.

It seems that the storm that dumped rain-that-quickly-turned-to-ice in Boston stayed snow up north, because yesterday there were enormous snow piles all around town, and very little ice.

Snow Removal, Market Square, Portsmouth NHEveryone in town has been cranky this morning, because crews were out running the enormous snow removal equipment well past 10am. Apparently, people are accustomed to the snow removal elves just coming in the middle of the night to clear the streets. I’ve found it fascinating. There were just trucks and trucks and trucks getting filled and then leaving town, each carrying many tons.