Rock and Roll Anima

What is up with my subconscious that I keep having these dreams about Lou Reed? This morning I woke up just after having a dream that Lou Reed, wearing this gigantic curly wig, was doing a commercial for McDonald’s. Specifically, he was advertising a special Happy Meal prize that was a Barbie head, sort of like that Barbie head that Mattel used to make that you were supposed to put make-up on. Well, this one was the Marie Osmond Hair Dye Barbie. Her hair started brown, and it came with little bottles of blonde, brown, and red dye. The commercial focused on Lou Reed’s face, the Barbie head in the background with its robot eyes making these “come hither” expressions. Lou was whispering earnestly “you can dye the hair. You can cut the hair. I love dying the hair. It’s so much fun. You’ll love it, too. You can dye and cut the hair.”

Last Wednesday or Thursday, I dreamt I was at a soundcheck for the Frank Zappa show at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, which was being held on some kind of sort of moon colony or space station. After the sound check, I was talking to someone standing next to me, it seemed like Helmecki, and I was making fun of someone who acted like he thought he was Lou Reed. Just as I said that, Zappa walked by and said, “you know, Lou Reed is actually a really sweet man.” I was like, “Oh, yeah, I’ve heard that.” And then Zappa and I kept talking.

2 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Anima”

  1. “Barbie says I’ve come to hate my body/and all that it requires in this world.”

    I can see the headlines now: “Once Moribund Democratic Party, Deceased Artists Court Dead Voters.”

    Hey, it worked for them in Chicago…

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