The smell of the library

In It’s A Wonderful Life, Clarence the angel shows George Bailey how badly the lives of his friends and family would have turned out if indeed he had never been born: Mr. Gower the phramacist is an alcoholic ex-con, Violet Bick is getting arrested in some kind of night club altercation, Mrs. Bailey has been forced to open a boarding house, Uncle Billy is in an asylum, his brother Harry drowned as a child.

But Clarence saves the worst for last.

“What happened to Mary?!” George asks.

“You’re not going to like it George, ” Clarence answers.

“Where is she!?” George cries, shaking Clarence by the lapels.

“She’s about to close up the library!

At the annual Brattle screening, this never fails to send the bookish Cantabridgian audience into twitters. Oh, no, not the library!

Well, for all you bookish Cantabridgians and bookish Cantabridgian wannabes, and for all you librarians and librarian wannabes, there is now a perfume just for you.

(I know, that was a big lead-up for just a link!)

15 thoughts on “The smell of the library”

  1. I’m having an aural flashback to our college library. The librarian’s perfume permeated the place. It was actually a rather lovely, clean smell. I’ve always wanted to know what she used but was too embarrassed to ask.

  2. Editrix: You were one of the librarian wannbes I was thinking about. (I mean that in a nice way, like you are a librarian fellow traveller, not like you are a big fake).

    Marco: I think you mean olfactory but I know what you mean. Larry Frye wore perfume?

  3. This was mentioned on the Rag & Bone blog. Rag & Bone are an excellent bindery in Providence that use a lot of handmade papers and such. I think our wedding guest book was a Rag & Bone product.

  4. It also reminded me of that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer tries to sell Calvin Klein on a scent that is the smell of “The Beach”.

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