My indie cartooning sponsorship

Inspired by the awesome custom Achewood comics that Summervillain got Editrix for their date-a-versary (or was it the smooch-a-versary? I can’t keep track of their relationship’s complex Ecclesiastical Calendar), I made a numerically palindromic donation ($13.31) to Cat & Girl, my favorite online indie comic. A couple of weeks ago, the paper version of this came to me.

I like Achewood, and it’s probably more nuanced, but Cat and Girl always seem to be thinking about what I’m thinking about, like this and this.

4 thoughts on “My indie cartooning sponsorship”

  1. No. Personally, I worry more about Google more than I worry about rat feces.

    The thing in there that I think about is the way that it doesn’t make sense to equate originality or authenticity with uniqueness anymore.

  2. Seeing as how ‘original’ and ‘authentic’ are synonymous with ‘unique’ I’m not sure what else you could equate them with.

    Still, I think I know what you’re talking about even though I’m not sure that I could articulate it concisely.

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