No Man’s Land @ the A.R.T.

The only thing the current ART production has going for it is a pretty good performance by Max Wright as Spponer, and that Paul Benedict is in it. It didn’t do much to change my opinion of Pinter as a third-rate playwright. It’s like watching something written by someone who’s trying to copy a Beckett play who’s only read reviews of Beckett plays, with a great big plate of pretense to start. There were two nice touches in the A.R.T. production: the very nice stage sunlight that streams through the window in one scene, and the way that a little mist cloud could be seen when bottles of champagne were opened.

And thus ends our subscription. After how disappointing this season was, I don’t think we’ll be subscribing again next year. Some people have framed the departure of the artistic director as a conflict between “the bottom line” and artistic integrity. But this is just silly. Woodruff sucked. His idea of being edgy consisted of sticking an electric guitar in someone’s hands (Orpheus, Britannicus) and sticking an “x” at the end of the title. At The Onion Cellar, they handed out a marketing survey. Did Peter Brook hand out marketing surveys?

Sealing the deal, next season, they’re doing a stage production of Donnie Darko. Donnie fucking Darko. Remind me to rant about how bad Donnie Darko is sometime. Considering how they slaughtered a good movie earlier this year, I want no part of this.

(Cranky cranky cranky. Sorry, it’s hot outside!)

Anyway, the upside is that next year, maybe we’ll try to take in some less overblown, more indie theater productions.