Schooooool’s out. For. Summer!

I was pretty preoccupied for the last couple of weeks, both with my day job and also with getting some stuff together for the Printing Fair at the Museum of Printing last weekend. And so when I had some time earlier this week to catch my breath, it occurred to me that something was different. Things seemed calmer. The T seemed emptier. Easier to find a seat in the morning. The sun is shining brighter. There haven’t been any beer cans appearing in our hedges. Or many drunken shouts in the street. What could this mean? Oh…… That’s right. Tufts’ and Harvard’s and MIT’s graduations were all in the last two weeks.

Schooooooool’s out! For. Summer!

And, a belated congratulations to my mother-in-law, a newly-retired 3rd grade teacher. For her….

Schooooooool’s out! For. Ever!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Schooooool’s out. For. Summer!”

  1. In my best tough guy film noir voice:

    “He was the kind of guy who you just look at and you know he’s got a 3rd grade teacher for a mother-in-law. Retired. You know the type.”

    That makes absolutely no sense and I wasn’t even thinking about you when I thought it. I just like the sound of it, is all.

  2. Aw gee, thanks! I just found your blog. I was visiting Terri’s.
    I hope I “rock”, and not only on a chair! As my troubled student Kylie said at the end of the year to the new second graders coming up next year, ” Mrs.Wise is awesome! You missed out.”

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