The Summer of Our Content

Since my posts recently have been snobby and negative, I wanted to point out that I am enjoying

  • the cold, rainy June weather, which is infinitely preferable to heat
  • Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (which I am a couple of years late to the party on, but that’s OK. If you are also late to the party, check here for reviews, and here for an interview by John Hodgman and the author, Susanna Clark).
  • Speaking of John Hodgman, I think I forgot to mention how much I loved The Areas of My Expertise.
  • Strange & Norrell has reminded me about how much I love The Kinks’ “Muswell Hillbillies”, and I’ve listened to it twice in as many days. I have it on vinyl, which also makes me happy.
  • Shorpy, which gives me at least one stunning and wonderful thing every day.
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    1. I thought so, too.

      It occurred to me that the connection between Norrell and Strange and that Kinks album is sort of obscure; I think it’s just that both are partly about Englishness.

    2. I read Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrell and I thought, “I bet Ezra would like this book a lot.” Something about the font, maybe? (I actually don’t remember the particular font, but thought I’d use “font” as sort of a synecdoche for the shape and style of the whole thing. It reminded me of your handwriting.

      It’s cold and rainy in Portland this week too.

    3. Well, you were correct, my friend.

      For the record, I did notice in the colophon that the particular font it’s set in is Baskerville, which does fit the mood. It doesn’t look like my handwriting though. Maybe the mood of my handwriting? If anything, it looks more like my new handwriting, not the tiny all-caps version which you’re probably thinking of. Then again, maybe it’s not so much the visual appearance of my handwriting; historically, the bulk of our communication was handwritten, maybe you just equate my handwriting with me?

    4. PS: Sarah, random other fun fact: I bought that Kinks record at a used record store in Portland when I was in town for your wedding.

    5. Actually I was thinking of the post-tiny-all-caps all-smalls version of your handwriting, maybe with some infiltration of the style of your more current handwriting, which I don’t see nearly enough. But yeah, Ezra’s handwriting = Ezra. Or, Ezra would like this book -> this book reminds me Ezra’s handwriting. Ezra, he is like a long book about English magicians set in Baskerville, and it’s raining.
      I don’t know the Kinks record of which you speak, but I will seek it out and listen to it, indeed.

    6. Marco– speaking of vinyl, did I ever mention that I bought the Marat/Sade soundtrack on vinyl? I did.

      I just dug it out and listened to it, too, and it occurs to me that it is set in 1808, which is just about when Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell starts.

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