I hear black toe is a delicacy here

You know that plot thread (such as it is) in Lost In Translation where Scarlett Johansen stubs her toe in her Tokyo hotel and after a few days it starts to turn black? That’s sort of what happened to me Sunday night, not long after I posted my dispatch.

The Comfort Inn near Times Square* gives the impression of once having been a nice-ish hotel in the early 20th century, a pretty seedy hotel 30-40 years ago, and now a Comfort Inn: it has narrow halls, small rooms, and a decorated but worn marble back staircase. I decided I needed some ice, and the only machine was in the basement. I took the stairs, and on the way up, tripped over one of those lovely but worn marble staircases, and somehow managed to — please stop reading if you’re squeamish– nearly fall in such a way that I broke off part of my toenail and sheared off the very tip of my toe with it.

Shooting, shooting pain. At first I thought it was broken (not merely bleeding). Yesterday I decided it wasn’t. Today I’m again not entirely sure that it’s not. It is still grotesquely black and blue. It has stopped filling my socks with blood. That is a good start. Wearing dress shoes (comfortable ones, but still) my first day in the new office was probably a bad idea, “good impressions” be damned. Yesterday and today it was left foot dress shoe, right foot gauze bandage, tape, black sock, sandal. (Had I not been wearing sandals when I fell, none of this would have happened).

*not my choice! I think all concerned (mostly me) would have preferred to be closer to the HQ office of my new company and much further from Times Square.

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  1. I simply do not trust sandals. Never have. There’s a guy at my office who wears them sans socks to work. To work! Kid’s today, humph.

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