The end of the road

Thanks to all who expressed concern over the black toe. It is now quite healed. In fact, what I feared most, that I would be all limpy and incapacitated for Matt’s wedding last weekend, did not come to pass, and I was in good enough shape by Saturday that I could take my shoes off and enjoy the beach in Santa Barbara at the pre-wedding beach party.

Terri and I had a great time in LA for a couple of days before the wedding. We stayed at this really great and reasonably priced (at least by the yardstick of the dinky yet obscenely expensive places I’ve been staying in Manhattan) motel called the Farmer’s Daughter in Hollywood across from the CBS studios. It was like someone took an old school standard motel, decorated it with about a dozen really clever ideas around the farm theme, attached a pretty good restaurant, and added all these clever touches (like a key-card sleeve that folded out to be a map of LA).

We also took a trip down to Long Beach to visit my cousins who live there, who have been visiting the family in Pennsylvania my whole life, but whom I’d never seen on their home turf. They were happy to show us around town, and took us to the awesome aquarium in Long Beach, and even invited us along to a farewell dinner for a coworker who was moving on to a new job (where we saw a sea lion in the wild in the marina just outside the restaurant).

Saturday we picked up a bunch of stuff at Matt’s apartment (since a series of unfortunate events ended with our renting an SUV, we figured we might as well use it for the benefit of the wedding festivities’ logistics) and drove up to Santa Barbara, which was gorgeous. The beach party was fun, and we got to see Sarah, who despite large lacunae in our communications over the years, is one of my oldest friends whom I still consider friend (if that’s not too weird a category).

And the wedding on Sunday was great, and I might write about it later since I don’t think I can do justice to it now.

And then I came back to NYC for more of the new job, at the headquarters. This time, I’m at a different hotel. This one didn’t try to break my toe, but it did manage to catch on fire.

Terri came down today to spend a couple of days here, too. We tried to go to a free Camera Obscura at a record shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, tonight but the lounge area of the shop was just so hot and jampacked with hundreds of sweaty hipsters, so we just did some record shopping, and went and grabbed some food. The Camera Obscura show at Great Scott in Boston where we were about two feet away from the band would have been hard to beat, anyhow.

Tomorrow I go home, and I can’t wait to actually sleep in my own bed, with a cat curling up on my chest.