Times Square

Times SquareI sort of love Times Square. I mean, I don’t love it like I want to live there, or I want to work there, or that I wouldn’t rather stay in some other part of Manhattan when I’m in town. But I’m glad that a place like it exists in the world, and I’m happy to partake of its almost neurologically-altering flash in small cautious doses, much as the tourist to Amsterdam might smoke some hash in a coffee shop or the tourist to Prague might partake of absinthe. It’s like being physically dipped in pure electronic media. (Albeit old electronic media, as even the computer generated displays are non-interactive). Didn’t Marshall McLuhan say something about the electric light bulb being the purest form of media?

So, there are a couple of Times Square billboards that caught my eye.

First, doesn’t it look like these holy warriors are worshipping Christiane Amanpour? And like she is sort of their priestess, smiling coolly in acceptance of their adoration?
Christiane Amanpour and her worshippers

Second, doesn’t it look like Justin Timberlake is dancing with some sort of electronic uterus?
Justin Timberlake and creepy electronic uterus

2 thoughts on “Times Square”

  1. I remember Times Square before Giuliani cleaned it up; back when there were porno theaters and hookers on every corner, homeless people openly urinated on the streets and fragments of crack pipes and syringes lay in the gutter. Strangely, I preferred it that way. The last time I was there it looked like a frickin’ Disney Store.

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