Haunted by shellfish

I’ve mentioned in passing the dream I had that put me off shrimp and lobster. When we were in California and my cousins took me and Terri to Long Beach’s Aquarium of the Pacific, there were these insane ugly giant lobster in the section devoted to the sealife of the northern pacific that really reminded me of the weird shrimpy millipede creatures of my dreams. And then a few days later, after Matt and Patsy’s wedding, when we brought back a pile of beer to their apartment in Koreatown in LA, before our flight, they took us to dinner at the nearest 24-hour House of Tofu. I ordered one of the “tofu soup” combos, and when my dinner came, sure enough, there was a creepy shrimp looking up at me out of the bubbling red tofu soup. I plowed through my oneiric-rooted revulsion and had some. It was totally delicious. Still, I’m not going to be seeking out shrimp or lobster any time soon.

Daily Dispatch: 03 Sep 2007

  • woke up at 6am to see our labor day weekend house guests off. I miss ‘em!
  • after they left, I went back up to bed and read another chunk of Amnesia Moon, which I’m re-reading. Given the vast number of things on my to-read list, and my seemingly dramatically decreasing time to read them, re-reading anything is an increasingly rare honor.
  • I fell back to sleep and woke up at 11. 11!!!!! How crazy is that? I was sleeping 5 hours a night on a good night during August, which was one of the most insanely busy and stressful months of my life. This means I slept like 10 or so hours last night (albeit non-consecutive hours)? Crazy!
  • After I woke up, I finished Amnesia Moon. It was as fantastic as I remembered.
  • I made a sandwich with some of the bagels I brought back from NYC and also with the fantastic grilled chicken I made last night for me and the Flemings.
  • Terri and I went for a walk at about 3pm and ended up at the Diesel CafĂ© in Davis Square. I was barely awake and it felt like about 8am to me. I had a large mocha. We worked on editing a friend’s thesis proposal which we promised to have finished a couple of weeks ago. And then I had a double espresso (a very chincy one, if you ask me: I’m still not a Diesel fan). And then I almost felt awake and human.
  • We stopped by Johnny D’s and were the only people there besides the bartender. We watched the Blake match at the U.S. Open. I sort of hate tennis (Terri loves watching it), but that was a pretty exciting match.
  • We came home and had some leftovers. I went to Johnnie’s Foodmaster to get a 9v battery to stop the smoke alarm from squeaking every minute.
  • I have decided that I hate the Treo 750 I got my first day at the new gig. I’m going to take it back and just try to transfer my existing wireless account and phone to my company’s account. The Treo 750′s Microsoft SmartPhone UI sucks, and the phone does far less than my good ol’ RAZR does (main need: if my RAZR were on an unlimited data plan, I could use its data connection over bluetooth to have an internet connection for my laptop while on the train; the Treo 750 talks bluetooth but only can be used as a dialup modem, for reasons that make no sense to me; otherwise, my RAZR has everything that the Treo has (email, a browser, IM) except a keyboard).
  • we are watching the Sox slaughter the Blue Jays
  • Weezie and I have been all love-birdy-y today
  • I am totally excited about getting back to work tomorrow. Which is a weird but great feeling