Anniversary 6

I extended my work trip to NYC last week a couple of days and we spent our 6th anniversary in New York City.

EmpireFriday night I worked late-ish and went out with some work people, since Terri had swung guest list tickets to see Interpol at Madison Square Garden (which were nosebleedy and she swears it was not as cool as it might sound; actually, any MSG show sounds sort of inherently uncool, but the guest list part sounds cool). It was actually good, since I haven’t done much socializing with the new work peeps, but once that wrapped up, I was a bit lonesome without the honey, especially on anniversary eve. That morning, I had switched us from the kind-of-great-for-a-very-business-oriented-hotel-but-not-so-romantic Club Quarters to the quirky and not-in-an-interesting-neighborhood-but-kind-of-fabulous Hotel Metro. With the huge pictures of Greta Garbo in the lobby and the Man Ray photos and iconic pictures of Harold Lloyd hanging from a clock in our room, could it have been a better T&E Show hotel? Anyway, without Terri, I spent some time pining in the rooftop bar and trying to take pictures of the Empire State building. When I got hungry, I went down the street and got the 2 hot dog special at a Papaya Dog. By the time Terri was out of the show, I was actually kind of beat and pretty much just went straight to sleep.

T&E at the Galaxy Global CaféSaturday, we walked around town. In earnest. A lot. All day. We started out at the Galaxy Global Café for brunch; it was kind of this space age diner with an almost exclusively vegetarian menu heavy on the hemp-flavored items (yeah, yeah, I know). And if to underscore the hemp-y nature of the place, who should walk in halfway through breakfast but Woody Harrelson and his posse. He was wearing some sort of earthy-orange hemp jumpsuit, sort of a hippie/Guantanamo kind of thing. Terri and I had been sort of taking each other’s pictures in our booth, because That Is What We Do, but on Woody’s entrance, it became awkward to continue this since it would have looked like we were celebrity stalking. Alas.

After that, we walked around the Union Square area and then walked around Central Park starting up on the northern side and working our way down until we ended up around the mid 80′s and needed a drink, so naturally, we went to Café Sabarsky, which along with the Neue Gallery which it is connected to, feeds into our shared love of all things turn-of-the-last-century-Vienna. Einspänner! We didn’t go into the Neue Gallery, but we did stop in the book shop. I picked up a copy of the Wiener Werkstätte book that I have been eyeing since our actual trip to Vienna for our 3rd anniversary. There was another really great book that feeds into my own love for all things Weimar Republic, which I totally can’t link to, but which Terri will know what I mean, and which would make a good Christmas present, hint hint.

Roofdeck of Hotel MetroWe went back to the hotel. My folks called to wish us a happy anniversary. By the time we were done talking to them, it was 8 and we were pretty beat, so we just went to the best Italian place we could find in reasonable proximity to our hotel. After dinner, we had intended to have a nightcap on the rooftop bar, but when we got up there, it was totally abandoned. We went back down to the lobby to ask what the deal was, and apparently someone had decided it was too cold to keep the bar open. Terri takes over the Hotel Metro rooftop bar So we went up to our room (did I mention that we lucked out and were upgraded to a king room? We had good travel karma on this trip), took what we wanted from the minibar (a luxorious first for both of us), and went back to the rooftop patio with our own drinks. Terri played bartender.

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you, Happy Anniversary to you, Happy Anniversary dear Ezra and Terriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Happy Anniversary to you!

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