Haunted by shellfish

I’ve mentioned in passing the dream I had that put me off shrimp and lobster. When we were in California and my cousins took me and Terri to Long Beach’s Aquarium of the Pacific, there were these insane ugly giant lobster in the section devoted to the sealife of the northern pacific that really reminded me of the weird shrimpy millipede creatures of my dreams. And then a few days later, after Matt and Patsy’s wedding, when we brought back a pile of beer to their apartment in Koreatown in LA, before our flight, they took us to dinner at the nearest 24-hour House of Tofu. I ordered one of the “tofu soup” combos, and when my dinner came, sure enough, there was a creepy shrimp looking up at me out of the bubbling red tofu soup. I plowed through my oneiric-rooted revulsion and had some. It was totally delicious. Still, I’m not going to be seeking out shrimp or lobster any time soon.

One thought on “Haunted by shellfish”

  1. I guess you didn’t notice the creepy painting at Diesel today that said FEAR in big letters. It has a creature on it with many legs. I suppose maybe it’s supposed to be a millipede or similar, but it reminded me of your creepy dreams.

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