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One of the perks of the new job is that for multiple reasons, I’m much freer to talk about about work here (though I have little inclination to at this juncture). But, I can use all the help I can get with this, so I thought I’d throw it out there. If you have any interest in working for me, I have a position open. If this sounds like you, kindly apply. If this doesn’t sound like you, but you know someone who this does sound like, kindly forward this to them.

Unfortunately, for other reasons (which I am happy to explain in person, but not here), I can’t hire you if you work for my former employer, as much as I would totally love to just pilfer my whole former team.

3 thoughts on “I’m hiring”

  1. Tell your bosses “spoken and written Mandarin” is a sort of linguistico-cultural error, or at least a faux pas.

    Mandarin is the name of the most widespread spoken Chinese language, and people who speak Mandarin read and write using either Traditional or Simplified Chinese characters (or both, but not usually both at the same time) depending on where they live or were educated. (Or they might just IM using pinyin or some other kind of romanization, but presumably you want someone who can do written business correspondence with China, Tiawan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.) For example, Mandarin is the main spoken language of both the PRC and Taiwan, but in the PRC they use Simplified Chinese, and in Taiwan they use Traditional. They’re not mutually intelligible and besides, well, one was made up by the communists, so there’s a political weight to using one or the other. If there’s a preference, it should be stated in the job description: “spoken and written Chinese (Mandarin/Traditional),” or if not, “spoken and written Chinese (Mandarin/Traditional or Simplified).”

    Just doing my bit as a former translation services coordinator.

  2. I passed the info on to the person who post the resumes; we do have a Chinese analyst, but she probably didn’t review the posting before it went out. I love that you’re fussy about such things.

  3. I am so not qualified for your position. I regret to inform you, therefore, that I will not apply. However, if you need some weeding done…

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