Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo on the Gong Show in 1976

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You know, the celebrity judges Buddy Hackett, Sheri Lewis, and Bill Bixby act like Oingo Boingo were so weird, but then, when they win, a midget comes out and sprinkles confetti on them all, and this is the same midget who came out and sprinkled confetti on EVERY GONG SHOW WINNER on every show.

America, what the hell happened to you?

(For the kids out there, Oingo Boingo were the band that became popular in the 80′s and whose eventual frontman Danny Elfman went on to compose film and TV theme songs, such as those for The Simpsons and the 1989 Batman movie).

UPDATE: ok, thinking about it a little, I know what happened, all the weird became somewhat normal. Danny Elfman got rich, and there’s nothing inherently weird about little people, and it’s all basically for the best. I shouldn’t bemoan the lack of weird, because 70′s weird was weird in comparison to the old conformist center, and the thing that really changed is that that sort of disappeared. So why does everything still feel blander?

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  1. Apart from changing tastes and attitudes I think the other culprit is volume. Once, you had to actively seek out weird stuff (the occasional Gong Show, Twin Peaks, etc. notwithstanding). Now weird is available 24/7 at the push of a button. I’m sure the ratio of weird to normal stayed roughly the same but the volume of content today is so huge that “normal” tends to dominate. Furthermore, the sheer preponderance of weirdness can dull one’s appreciation of it.

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