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The extension of the LOLcats meme to philosophers seems like a logical extension of the tendency of philosophy students to enjoy jokes simply because nobody else gets them. That said, the ones I get are sort of funny. It also sounds like something that Doug and Marco would have thought was funny back in college.

[via Brainiac, who bother to explain LOLcats, in case you’re not in on that joke yet. PS: When will you have comments, like Exhibitionist, Brainiac?]

3 thoughts on “PhiLOLsophers”

  1. Thanks, Ezra. Comments are being tested on Globe blogs for a few weeks — Exhibitionist is a guinea pig. Some time this fall or winter, any Globe blog that wants comments enabled should be able to get them.

  2. Ah, lovely, Marco. I particularly like Hobbes and Nietzche.

    I also covet those glasses Gödel is wearing in the photo I posted. I thought I wanted Le Corbusier glasses, but I now that I see a photo of Gödel, I think he’s got the pair closer to my ideal.

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