Word picks for the savvy verbal investor, October 2007

Palimpsest — SELL — This word no longer speaks to the zeitgeist. Ditch it now and cut your losses.
Autochthonous — STRONG BUY — So much cooler and evocative than “indigenous”; anything “chtonic” is hot, hot, hot.
“Not so much” — HOLD — Naysayers have denigrated it for almost a year now, but it’s still going strong. Keep a close eye on it, though, and prepare for its demise; perhaps use it…. not so much.

Questioning Metcalfe’s Law

Moderately interesting reading here, and here.

More academic reading here.

It was always bogus, though, right? I mean, how do you quantify the value of a network? It was only ever something that made intuitive, poetic sense.

Aside: I like Facebook better than a lot of other of the big social networking sites, but LinkedIn got me a new job, I like simple old Flickr better, and I like my blog the best.

Slice of life, 1997

Standing outside the ZDNet building at 1 Athenaeum St in Cambridge, with a coworker taking a smoke break.

Him: Did you see the X-Files last night?
Me: I sort of hate the X-Files
Him: Mulder actually used the phrase “Military-Industrial-Entertainment Complex”. Somebody at Fox fuckin’ knows, man!