I didn’t think I had a problem, until…

Having a not-so-secret on-again off-again thing for Salt-n-Pepa over the years, I had to watch the first few episodes of their new eponymous reality show on VH1. I watched episodes 2 and 3 late last night, and this morning I was thinking that it’s all so staged and bogus that I probably wouldn’t watch any more.

But then, how exciting is it that Spinderella’s coming back in episode 4? There’s no way I’m not watching that.

You are so crafty, VH1, and I am so hooked.

4 thoughts on “I didn’t think I had a problem, until…”

  1. Back in the day, my older sister went to a concert in nearby Macon, GA: Salt n Pepa w/ Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. Man, was I jealous!

  2. It’s all about the high school dances, man. Having a nostalgia for Salt n Pepa is nothing to be ashamed about. Getting hooked on their VH1 reality show on the other hand… ;) Ah well, if I get my various Interpol stuff, you can have the Salt n Pepa party-girl vs. bible-woman thing on VH1.

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