RealFake meme machine, v0.1

Ideas I never got around to doing and that are now past their time:

  • What kind of invading Barbarian horde are you? (visigoth, saracen, hun, etc., etc.)
  • Noam Chomsky Ate My Balls
  • Kerouac-o-matic (inspired by the Chomskybot, I had this idea sometime in 1995)
  • Dancing Lindbergh Baby

3 thoughts on “RealFake meme machine, v0.1”

  1. John, I feel like I’ve ready this before; while I’m not a linguist and can’t agree or disagree with some of the more technical points, I very much agree with the points on his other writing, his somewhat hypocritical public positions, and his “misleading susceptible undergrads into mistaking muddledness for profundity and ponderousness for ineffability”.

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