RealFake recommendation engine, v0.1

If you like hookworms, William James, and endocrinology, you might also like a subscription to Vanity Fair, reruns of “Maude”, and the bubonic plague.

4 thoughts on “RealFake recommendation engine, v0.1”

  1. That’s strange. I like Vanity Fair. I enjoy the occasional “Maude” rerun and I think the bubonic plague has the most cache of all the virulent, vector-borne diseases, yet I find myself oddly indifferent when it comes to hookworms, William James, and endocrinology.

  2. Ah, notice the recommendations are not bidirectional!

    If you like Vanity Fair, “Maude”, and the bubonic plague, you may also like the films of Wes Anderson, cigarettes and alcohol, and Gojira.

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