Word picks for the savvy verbal investor, October 2007

Palimpsest — SELL — This word no longer speaks to the zeitgeist. Ditch it now and cut your losses.
Autochthonous — STRONG BUY — So much cooler and evocative than “indigenous”; anything “chtonic” is hot, hot, hot.
“Not so much” — HOLD — Naysayers have denigrated it for almost a year now, but it’s still going strong. Keep a close eye on it, though, and prepare for its demise; perhaps use it…. not so much.

4 thoughts on “Word picks for the savvy verbal investor, October 2007”

  1. ‘Palimpsest’ never spoke to the zeitgeist, at least not in the way, “not so much” does. Still, though it’s value may have come down, I have no intention of parting with it. It reminds me of an old Shriner’s fez I bought many years ago. It’s tucked away into a cabinet. I never wear it or take it out. It’s probably not worth much, it needs to be reblocked and its once brilliant red felt has turned into a color best described as “day old bloodstain.” Furthermore, the gold thread that makes up the embroidered moniker ‘Nemesis’ has turned brown-black with tarnish. Yet you couldn’t pry it away from me. Likewise, I intend to keep palimpsest around even if it is no longer fashionable or useful (and really when was the last time palimpsest could honestly be thought of as common usage? The 12th century maybe. If you were a monk.)

    You’ll pardon me if I remain bearish on ‘Autochthonous.’ Sure, it’s hot now, but it strikes me as this year’s ‘Agritourism’ or ‘crunk’.

  2. STRONG BUY (boston exchanges only) “God Hates Us” if only to profit on the dead cat bounce.

    HOLD “A-ROD sux” little additional upside imaginable, but you never know

    BUY “Team of the Millennium” act now to keep riding that bosox dream machine.

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