When I was at home for Thanksgiving…

  • A news anchor on the Pittsburgh CBS affiliate signed off with “It’s going to rain tomorrow, get out your babushkas”.
  • As I started what ended up being an all-Saturday project to dig a drainage ditch, my dad started playing the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack in the garage, which starts off with chain gang music. He thinks this is cute.
  • Thanksgiving Risk board, final stateI got totally ganged up on when playing Risk with Terri, Lisa, Abby, and Dan, just because I showed no mercy to my little sister and came off as a bully. My real problem is that said little sister was a PR major and overplayed her helplessness, and I ended up owning just little Madagascar and South Africa by the time we decided to call it a game.

7 thoughts on “When I was at home for Thanksgiving…”

  1. The primary meaning of “babushka” in English is “a woman’s head scarf, folded triangularly and worn tied under the chin”. Quite reasonable to wear to keep off the rain, no?

  2. You mean to tell me that a game in which the objective is world conquest might bring out the bully in people? You don’t say!

    I’m sure in some Pythonesque universe babushkas earn pin money by allowing themselves to be used as raingear.

  3. Yes, a babushka makes lots of sense in that context, but you wouldn’t hear an anchor on a Boston station signing off in that way. In Pittsburgh, however…

    As for the Risk game, you are full of donkey. You played much more aggressively than anyone else and got a nasty look on your face to boot. It wasn’t just Abby acting helpless, my friend.

  4. My grandmother would always bring her babushka with her if there was any chance of rain (or even just windy days that might muss the hair). I think the term ended up getting co-opted since it was all little, old Polish women that would wear them and it made sense to refer to them as such.

    And the “O Brother…” musical choice is hilarious, you just didn’t think so because you were the one with shovel in hand.

  5. Tim, the same must go for Hungarians, because mine did too. Actually, she’s still around, and I think she still does. Was your grandmother’s plastic?

  6. Of course it was plastic, otherwise it could still get soaked through and ruin her hair.

    And you shouldn’t blame your sister for being able to whup your ass at Risk. That PR nonsense sounds like you’re trying to explain away your own lack of skills at the game. As weak as the Ukraine is, Madagascar and SA are even weaker.

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