The Year In Forgotten Cameraphone Photos

There have been a couple of times this weekend where I’ve wanted to snap a picture but I haven’t had my trusty digital camera with me, so I’ve had to resort to cameraphone photos. And when I looked, there were a whole bunch of photos that I had totally forgotten about.

April 12, in Corey’s car on the way to Koreana

Crammed in Corey's CarCorey was organizing a monthly “lunches of the world” lunch at the office, and this was taken on the way to the inaugural lunch at Koreana. We were crammed pretty tightly into Corey’s car, because I think he was the only one who drove that day (most people don’t in Cambridge/Boston if they can help it). It was raining, and Corey was a mensch and dropped us off and walked the rest of the way.

Walking around in Harvard Square, April 30

Manifest Destiny

It was one of the first nice-ish days of the year and Terri and I got that post-winter “we need to be outside RIGHT NOW” feeling, and walked around Harvard Square and had dinner on Daedalus’s roofdeck, even though really it ended up being a little too cold and windy to do so.

Me, in front of some Harvard Building, on the roof of DaedalusHarvard U. skyline, from the roof of Daedalus

July 4, fireworks in State College

We went to visit Terri’s folks in State College around July 4, and went to see their impressive (especially for a community of its size) fireworks display from the stadium where their new single-A ball team plays. It was the first time I ever actually saw fireworks right where they set them off, synchronized with the music and all. The traffic was insanely bad on the way home. While we were still stuck in the parking lot, it seemed like they started to fire off a bunch of extra fireworks that hadn’t gone off or something, and since I didn’t have anything better to do, I tried to take some pictures with the cameraphone.

July 27, Help is on the way

Help is on the wayThis was from the day I announced to my team at my last company that I was leaving for greener pastures. It had been a long, rough Friday, and I was happy to head home at a reasonable hour to unwind. Unfortunately, the elevator got stuck, and for the next hour, I was trapped with three other people. The building maintenance staff had gone home for the weekend, and the remaining security staff was comically incompetent. We hit the help button, and talked to a guy on the intercom, who sounded like he was about 19. He said he would call the after-hours maintenance line. After nothing happened for about 10 minutes, we called him back, and, seemingly at a loss of ideas on what to do next, he asked “what’s your name?”

We all gave each other what-does-that-have-to-do-with-anything looks. “Rob,” answered the guy who had hit the button.

“How do you spell that?” 19-year-old security guy asked back.

At that point, we realized it was going to be a while.

After another 30 minutes or so, and a few more bootless calls to the security desk, another co-worker decided to take matters into her own hands and called the fire department, who showed up in about 10 minutes, reset the elevator, and had us on our way.

August 10, What would Ezra do?


This was at my going-away party in the web development pod. My co-workers had a custom cardboard cutout of me made (my head was photoshopped onto that suit, by the way), which is funnier/sadder if you know that the company I was leaving had just had 17 of those things made as part of a half-baked internal marketing initiative. The thing that I love about this photo in retrospect is that the expression on Ersatz Ezra’s face is closer to what I was feeling at the time than the expression on Real Ezra’s face.

December 22, 300 Santa

300 Santa
Saw this yesterday after Glenn and I had lunch in downtown State College. (Note: The Deli has Celebration Ale on tap!)

December 22, The Wises, at the site of The Candy Cane

Wises, Candy Cane
Terri’s parents owned a candy store in State College in the late 70′s/early 80′s, which was right next to The State Theater. We went to the theater last night to see It’s A Wonderful Life, transposing the Terri & Ezra tradition of seeing it at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge. After the movie was over, we stopped to look for the brick that we bought as part of the State Theater’s renovation fundraising efforts. The photo is the crappiest of this lot, but was nice to have something there to commemorate the occasion.

December 23, Terri and a kitten

Terri and a kittenThis is one of the babies of a stray that Terri’s aunt took in. Terri really bonded with this guy.