Happy New Year from Berlin!

While we were in State College for Christmas, I went to the Comic Swap with Glenn and picked up a copy of Berlin #13 by Jason Lutes, a comic (er… graphic novel) series that I’ve followed since I saw the first issue in 1996 (I think in Minneapolis when Tim and I were visiting Mike on our way back from Oregon). This issue takes place on New Year’s 1930:

Frohes Neue Jahr, 1930 (from Berlin #13 by Jason Lutes)

Coincidentally, Terri and I are actually in Berlin this New Year’s. We are going to Nice in a few days for my sister April’s wedding, and as usual, we were not content to just stick to one European locale. Since neither of us had ever been to Germany, we decided on Berlin. We’re also going to make a day trip to Leipzig, today, as soon as Terri gets up from a nap. She woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep, so her nap is actually a good excuse for me to upload some pictures and do a little light blogging.

Party BombenWe are generally not big New Year’s Eve types, so while there was some champagne (and tapas) in our evening, there was little of the revelry pictured above. However, the Germans do seem to love their fireworks. Not only were there official New Year’s fireworks over the central park (the Tiergarten), but people set off their own fireworks and firecrackers in the street, starting at about 6pm and on until at least 1:30am (which is about when we fell asleep).