Best snowstorm song ever

“Snowstorm” by Galaxie 500.

I always think it’s the one where they talk about being on Route 128, but that’s “Blue Thunder”; nonetheless, there’s a very Massachusetts snowstorm feeling to “Snowstorm”.

Well I listen to the weather
And he’s changed his tone of voice
And he can see it on the radar
Only seven hours away
Well there’s gonna be a snowstorm
When the t.v.’s goin out
And they got nothin else to think of
And they’re letting me go home

Well I’m lookin at the snowflakes
And they all look the same
And the clouds are goin by me
They’re playin some kind of game
Well you know there’s a snowstorm
When the t.v. has gone out
And they got nothin else to think of
And they’re letting me go home

Last Monday, This Monday: compare & contrast

Last Monday

Nice, France, around 57°F, Sunny.

Terri and I walked around the little shops in the lovely windy streets of Vieux Nice and perused the weekly antiques market. We met up with my parents and siblings, grabbed slices of pizza, and ate them on this seaside wall, watching the Mediterranean Waves.
Ball (and Wise, Sultana, Prokop) posse
We went back to our hotel and got changed, and walked to city hall for April’s civil wedding. Apparently in France, a church wedding does not count as a legal wedding, so you have to have a civil service first, and apparently this is typically performed by the mayor of the town you live in). And then April and Manu were officially married! Yay!
april and manu
photo by Terri. Doesn’t she have a way of making people look like movie stars?

The whole wedding party (All the Ball siblings, our parents, Manu’s sisters, parents, parents’ significant others, and a couple of April’s ballet friends) had a drink at Le Meridien, and then went to dinner at an Italian place that had insane portions. Everybody was making jokes about them being American-sized, but I have honestly never seen anything like this in the states. The pasta dishes were at least 20″ in diameter. Check out Abby’s desert, the “pot of chocolate”.

abby's pot of chocolateabby does the chocolate dance

This Monday

Somerville, Mass., low 30′s°F, snowy
Woke up to about 6 inches of snow and near white-out conditions. Decided to work from home. As it slowed down at 1pm or so, upstairs neighbor tried out the new snowblower, and it seems to have worked pretty well. I went out and shoveled all the icy slushy stuff at the bottom that the snowblower couldn’t get to. All things considered, it was actually a pretty good day. I got a lot of work done, the snow was actually quite lovely (and was even lovelier once it was clear it was going to slow down and not start back up), and I got to be at home with Terri and the cats all day.
View from our house, 14 Jan 2008

Is it just me or is the Persepolis film getting zero press?

When we were in Nice last week the main shelves at FNAC (sort of the French version of Tower Records or Virgin (I almost just said “French Virgin”, nyuk nyuk)) were full of copies of the movie version of Persepolis on DVD. I was surprised, because I couldn’t remember it even being in theaters.

But it is, at least here at the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge. Anybody wanna go?

Is it just me or is it getting no press? Or have I just been so busy in December that I haven’t noticed? I don’t really think that’s the case because I feel like I am seeing stuff about Juno everywhere. I was just trying to figure out which studio/distributor released it and just noticed on Yahoo! Movies that it was released on Christmas Day and has made a whopping $313,000. Maybe it isn’t just me that hasn’t heard about it… The reviews seem OK. What’s the deal?

The conspiracy theory here is that it goes too far in humanizing a potential enemy, what with the (almost bizarrely) continued hostile anti-Iran rhetoric from the administration. But that doesn’t really make sense either; if anything, it could be used as propaganda with the picture it paints of life after the revolution of ’79, and the heroine ends up fleeing to Europe rather than living under a repressive theocratic regime.