Rough Easter

We had a pretty great Easter; a trip to the gym, a trip to the print shop, an afternoon and evening full of introducing The Comic Strip Presents… to (and having a lovely veg Easter dinner with) Editrix & Summervillain.

But alas, our former neighbors in space but still-neighbors-in-our-hearts Ed, Juliet, Jacob, and Colin had a pretty rough one:

…Driving home last night on 495 we were rear-ended and pushed into the car in front of us which ended up in a 5-car accident and a trip for the 4 of us in an ambulance to UMass hospital in Worcester…

Come to find out, whiplash actually hurts. My poor, poor Altima is in very sad shape at a Wrecking Lot in Marlborough, with a bashed-in trunk holding many treasures: a soon-to-be rancid half-Easter ham, some Easter cupcakes, two Easter baskets and a bag full of Easter gifts for the boys (as well as my camera).

All that said, I’d like to thank the good folks at the Westborough Fire Department, the State Police and the pediatric unit at UMass-Worcester Medical Center. Top-notch work on what was, for them, an incident of minimal severity but for us, severe enough to make us very glad to be alive.