Daily Dispatch, 31 May 2008

Woke up at 8ish, Saturday-style. Terri was still asleep so I read The Yiddish Policeman’s Union in bed for a couple of hours. I’m really loving it. It’s got all the smarts and ambition of a the other Michael Chabon novels but with much less sphincter and much less of the “look at how smart I am”.

The morning was growing long in the tooth and my hair has been driving me crazy, so I made to get up and go to Custom Barber Shop in Harvard Square. Weezie woke up and I talked her into coming along. There were an insane number of kids waiting in line to get into some kind of new sneaker store on Brattle Street; I couldn’t figure out what the deal was, like if there was some kind of rock or hip hop star signing something inside, but Terri seemed to think it was just the sneakers.

We had some fun in two of the remaining bookshops in Harvard Square. Had some late lunch at Cambridge Common and blabbed. We dropped a bunch of coats, clothes, and books off at Goodwill. I dropped some Letterpress Guild Print Fair posters off with Melissa, a fellow printer, to put up around Davis Square.

We headed home and continued to work on our massive life-cleanup project. We’re currently going through every single thing in every closet and just throwing crap out. It’s liberating. I whittled my casette tape collection down to 10 or so tapes. And those I kept not so much for the content as mementos with talismanic value. Remaining:

  • Diane… The Twin Peaks Taps of Agent Cooper
  • The Wendy Carlos Switched-On Bach Album (note, this is the 1983 version, hence “Wendy”, not “Walter”)
  • a tape I made of a record from the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh that was an hour-long interview with Glenn Gould originally made for the CBC
  • A Cab Calloway compilation tape I bought and listened to incessently during my junior semester in Ireland
  • The Repo Man soundtrack, ordered through BMG Music Club in college
  • various tapes of the short-lived bunch of people I played music with in college, which I hesitate to call a band
  • A bunch of microcasettes; I have no idea what’s on them, but it’s probably interesting. I’m guessing old answering machine tapes or various stuff I recorded for articles I wrote during my internship at In Pittsburgh Newsleekly or perhaps for my college paper. I wonder if I have anything to play them on.

We never managed to eat dinner, so I had some brie with a hunk of day-old baguette.

Now we’re waching the Penguins game, and I think I have to go because it’s a 5-on-3 situation in favor of the Penguins…