Obscure economic indicator: the HBS turkey

I shudder to think of the kind of macroeconomic mayhem that can be caused when the current batch of HBS students graduate, since they seem to have nothing better to do in school than start Facebook groups to protest the presence of wild turkeys on campus. Money quote:

“The first time I saw the turkey was during my second week of school,” he said. “I’m from California, so seeing a turkey roaming the campus blew my mind. I remember stopping a girl who was a year ahead of me to bring her attention to the fact that there was a turkey a few feet away from us. She looked at me like I was five years old.”

The only heartening thing in there is that she has a classmate that thinks she’s a dope too.

One thought on “Obscure economic indicator: the HBS turkey”

  1. Indeed, this doesn’t bode well. I’m frankly disappointed at the lack of entrepreneurial spirit shown by these future business leaders of America. Here is an unsigned, high profile celebrity who is viewed daily by an 18-30, upwardly mobile demographic. License The Harvard Business School Turkey(tm) and watch the money pour in. Step in as the HBS Turkey’s representative and handle all deals for merchandising, endorsements and public appearances. Fill the University gift shop with HBS Turkey toys, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. Target high traffic areas by printing ads onto signs, hats, t-shirts, etc. and then have the HBS Turkey wear them. Companies will pay top dollar for their ads to be seen in busy public spaces. Get representatives from Wild Turkey and Butterball on the phone now! One student talks of raising money to breed more turkeys. Why pay when you could *be* paid. Turkey farmers will pay premium prices for breeding privileges and the rights to promote their association with the HBS Turkey. “You can trust Tyson turkeys. They went to Harvard.”(tm) I just made that up. Tyson, I eagerly await my check.

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