Powell for Obama, Powell on Muslim Americans

I think this is a must read. I too had heard the first quote but not the second.

I have had mixed thoughts about Powell over the years, but I think it’s way past time for a public figure to stand up and say these things.

One thought on “Powell for Obama, Powell on Muslim Americans”

  1. I had heard the second quote and was frankly astonished that the news media and the blogosphere haven’t emphasized it more. I think it cut right to the heart of the matter and with a directness not shown by any other public figure during this election cycle, including Obama himself, who really should have been the one saying it.

    Coincidentally, I blogged about something similar this morning. McCain’s Muslim supporters argue with an anti-Obama zealot spouting the same tired lies about Obama being a Muslim terrorist and get him to leave a rally. If I weren’t so annoyed I might even find it funny.

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