The real, the fake, the debate

I think a college classmate of mine sums it up here.

UPDATE: Actually, G Rob is completely on fire. I don’t care that he has to drink to be funny.

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  1. Alas, Joe Plumber is in fact a real person. Although McCain got his name wrong. Let’s not forget that the last President who held ‘Plumbers’ with such regard was Richard Nixon.

  2. I’m thrilled that I have absolutely no idea what the 2 of you are talking about, but it IS refreshing to see that Ezra and Marco can agree about something.

  3. Joe Wurzelbacher, A.K.A. Joe The Plumber is, as most people know by now, a real-life plumber who was mentioned several times in the final debate between Obama and McCain.

    ‘The Plumbers’ is the nickname for the covert group organized by the Nixon administration to handle ‘leaks’ and engage in other bits of political skulduggery. We have them to thank for the Watergate Scandal.

    On a day to day basis, well outside the scope of this blog, I’m willing to bet that Ezra and I agree on many, if not most, things. However, it is undeniable that we tend to bring out the contrarian in one another. That’s my story anyway. While I don’t relish the idea of being considered “that crank Ezra went to college with” I know I’m a better person for having had him around to challenge me. Sappy but true.

  4. I’m willing to bet that Ezra and I agree on many, if not most, things.

    Oh, my god. You are totally wrong, Marco.

  5. I kid.

    Marco and I probably do agree on most things.

    But part of our schtick is to engage in extreme devil’s advocacy, especially as regards each other. It definitely was a product of meeting at Wabash, where classes pretty much across all disciplines encourage debate and the students really internalize it. There’s a healthy culture of verbal one-upsmanship. That said, none of my other Wabash friends are as much fun to argue with.

    And the other thing to note is there is a bizarre paradox, which I think Marco first noticed. On a daily basis, I’m a pretty optimistic guy and believe that tomorrow holds more promise than today, and that I’m the master of my destiny, and by contrast, Marco is followed everywhere he goes by a gloomy rain cloud (and I’m not exaggerating: if you ever meet him in person, you can physically see a literal cloud of anger and depression hovering above his head; it sort of looks like a nicotine cloud and smells like the faintest whiff of metabolizing alcohol) and on any given day can boast a constant barrage of bad luck, mishaps, and a general sense of pessimism. But at his core, he’s a big sentimental ball of goo, and I’m pretty much a heartless nihilist.

  6. Currently watching The Daily Show; great piece on Joe the Plumber.

    John Stewart: “Why are we vetting this guy? He’s already done more interviews than Sarah Palin!”

    John Oliver: “They tell you that everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. What they don’t tell you is that 12 of those minutes are a rectal exam.”

  7. Sigh… schtick. Not very nice of you to say that yer pal has to get drunk to be funny! As for you, I find you funnier when you’re not drunk.

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