Last Post for 2008

Oh, so much I’ve missed posting about.

Bert Stern, Kevin McCreaNovember. Wabash lost the Monon Bell game. I went to the Boston Monon Bell party, and lo and behold, Bert Stern, one of my English professors, was there. He lives in Somerville now. Small world indeed. I also met Kevin McCrea, who is a force of nature and who deserves a post of his own (he’s in the construction business but his bigger claim to fame is his lawsuit(s) against the Boston City Council for corruption). His blog is absolutely worth a read. When people talk dismissively about citizen journalism, about bloggers being essentially parasites who merely link to fruits of the deep research that can only be done by folks who are paid (by advertising money) to do the glamourless job of poring through civic records and attending dull local town council meetings, well, counterexample is Mr. McCrea, whose simple, almost Socratic, modus operandi of actually reading stuff and calling people and expecting answers— the same unglamourous stuff that supposedly only the “real” media can do— has time and again scooped the “real” local media.

BB 2008: crowdDecember. The Bazaar Bizarre. This year it was at the Castle. We made about half of the dough we’ve made in previous years, though we got about as many chuckles at this year’s lineup. As usual, Terri’s designs (this year, the “you look like a monkey” birthday cards) outsold mine (this year, the “Hail Santa!” Christmas Cards).

January 2009. TBD.

Happy New Year, scant readers.

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  1. Holy hell, you bumped into Stern?

    I miss that old coot. Sometimes, (when I bother listening to it) the little badgering voice in my head – the one that tells me to stop fucking around and get cracking – sounds a bit like Bert.

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