A return to blather

So, things have been pretty quiet here at the ol’ blog lately. The usual busy-ness and business are probably to blame. But there are always times for the things you feel compelled to do, right? And lately I think my internet exhibitionism has been getting fulfillment in Facebook and Twitter. (I use Twitter as a front end to Facebook status updates, and since my Facebook network is huge and my twitter network tiny, it’s on FB where I get most of the comments).

It’s a junk food kind of internet exhibitionist experience.  I know a lot of people think it’s great to force your thoughts into 140 characters, to have a constant stream of what’s going on right now.

But a lot of the things that are going on right now aren’t really going on right now. They’re slow moving things that need more context than you can get from the faster moving currents near the surface. Things that need more than 140 characters. (Hence my most recent tweet).

It’s all a pre-packaged kind of Internet presence, and there’s some value to that, but sometimes it’s also nice to get off the paved roads. I resisted blogging for a long time because that felt a little too readymade a format, and now in comparison, the blog feels like a huge blank canvas.

Anyway, I have been craving doing some longer writing, so I’m back, at least for now.

2 thoughts on “A return to blather”

  1. Yes, good to have you back. Now I don’t have to watch those bloody Rip, Rig + Panic videos over and over anymore.

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