Home is where I want to be, but I guess I’m already there

We went to Johnny D’s tonight because date night has moved back to Wednesday. Apparently.

Came home and my key didn’t want to go into the lock. I double-checked that it was our door that I was trying to unlock and not our upstairs neighbors. And recounted how many beers I had, yes, only two. So I guess there must have been some condensation in the lock and it froze in the past few days.

I eventually got the door open and came into the kitchen. Again, there was a quick second where I wasn’t sure I was in our home. All the kitchen stuff is in the dining room and the kitchen is pretty empty. We had our wall re-insulated and re-plastered, because there were some fairly huge cracks and crumblings in the old plaster.

Hm. What can all this home renovation mean?

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