Daily Dispatch 13 Feb 2010

I realized that the archives to this blog were broken a few days ago when I tried to use Google to find something I’d written. I figured out what the problem was last night, and fixed it.

There were two side effects. First, I ended up with dozens of items in my RSS reader, as you may have too. Not sure why. The other side effect is that I got the hankerin’ to write in it again.

Actually, there’s probably another reason for that hankerin’, as I have been incapacitated to the point of boredom by a really awful stomach bug the last two days. I’m on the road to recovery now, but for the first day or so I didn’t really even have the gumption to force myself to sit up and use a computer.  I did watch a lot of movies on TCM. Well, I watched the part of Roberta with Fred Astaire and Irene Dunne that I’d seen before and slept through the ending which I hadn’t seen. I also watched the part of Seahawk with Errol Flynn that I’d seen before and also slept through the part that I hadn’t.