Yes, I buried the lede in that last post

I’m sorry you had to wade through a full paragraph of tech support nonsense there. Really, the salient part of the day was the long, long time we spent in the Burren while I nursed three Guinesses over the course of a slow 5 hours on a sunday afternoon. That is the part that I will remember when I’m old and grey. That and the valentine I helped Rainey make for Terri. Speaking of old and grey, I wrote on the inside of the card “14 Feb 2010, 7 months old” because I figure that Terri will want to save the card, it being the first valentine she received from her first kid, so maybe someday when she’s too old to do math, she’ll at least know how old he was when his Dad signed his name to a little card with a red construction paper heart glued to the front.

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