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At about 5:45pm today, I almost cranked up the ol’ WordPress and almost posted something titled “An Open Question To The Universe” the content of which was “How has my life become a series of such situations as ‘if I don’t figure out a way to get a 4′x8′ sheet of plywood mounted on the wall of a room in Chelsea I’ve never seen, by tomorrow morning, my entire company will not have email by November 30th?”.

Shortly after I got home [decided to take the bus and ran into our condo-neighbor and had a very pleasant conversation; walked to the corner liquor store and bought a growler of Opa Opa IPA for me and a 2L bottle of Diet Coke for T] I got a phone call from a very helpful co-worker who let me know that (without boring you with the details) things might actually turn out OK in the aforementioned room in New York (which is my co’s new office location), plywood and internet-wise. Which was a huge relief.

And once I got home, another unexpected treat awaited: a lovely little thing in the mail from the Sun Hill Press. You may know them indirectly; they are the folks who do the letterpress print work for Brookfield Stationery (whose stuff is found in many East Coast fine stationery and office supply stores). Darrell does the press work; his wife (whose name I am struggling to remember) does the design, and the Brookfield folks do the distribution/marketing/etc. Terri and I went to their shop (with the wee 5-month-old Rainer) last year on a Letterpress Guild of New England outing, and it was quite an inspirational creative space. From Elizabeth’s (yes! that’s her name!) lovely attic studio to Darrell’s massive Heidelberg press in the basement to the delicious lunch they fed the Guild members on a misty cold October Saturday in Western Massachusetts, it was a highly memorable visit.

Here’s my favorite page:
Something no one else is reading

(They don’t really have a website, and there’s no way to buy it on Amazon. If you want a copy, though, they’re US$3, just comment and I’ll send you the contact info).

Anyway, I felt a whole lot better about the universe by the end of tonight.

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  1. Hey, happened on to this June 30, 2012. Glad to see you kind words & pictures. Ah, here I find you in our guest books: Ezra Ball & Terri Wise and Rainer.

    We’re observing our 40th year at Sun Hill & will send you a poster, 15×26″, if you send your address.

    Hope you are fine. Glad to “hear from you” over these years !


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