Daily Dispatch: 6 Nov 2010, part 2

  • Rainer fell asleep on our way to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, so he was sort of groggy but awake after we got home. I tried to put him in his crib with a bottle for his nap, but heard him a few minutes later babbling away to himself. Usually this means he’s standing up holding onto the bars and hoping to be let out. But I went in to check and he was just lying there, still under his fleecy owl blanket. I gave him a couple of books, and he was content to stay there for the next 20 minutes, just hanging out in low light and paging through the books. He’s a sweet kid. After that, I was at a stopping point with the lasagne, so I took him out, made some lunch for him, gave him a bottle, and he finally took his nap at 3:30 or so.
  • I’m watching Ocean’s 11 on TCM, the original Frank Sinatra / Rat Pack version. Coincidentally, this morning when I was listening to Weekend Edition while making Rainer some strawberry pancakes, Scott Simon interviewed a guy who wrote a biography of Sinatra.
  • Should I quit Twitter, too?
  • Tomorrow is the end of DST. I know I’ve got some DST haters out there, but the prospect of the lack of light tends fill me with some dread; Novembers have been the times of my worst bouts of depression. A passing thought as I was loading the dishwasher a few minutes ago: what if the tiny but continual saratonin drip of my facebook status updates starts a downward spiral? I don’t know, somehow, despite all these little twinges of concern, I feel better positioned to weather a November than I have in years. Bring it, SAD.
  • I’m working on a mix tape (er… CD) of November music for a general audience. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Daily Dispatch: 6 Nov 2010, part 2”

  1. re: end of DST
    I recommend vitamin D (from the sun or in a pill) and, if you can make yourself do it, dancing.
    I’m squirming in the grips of stupid old depression too these days and that’s what’s helping me.

  2. Sarah, sorry to hear you’re squirming, too. Virtual hugs from Boston. Aren’t you going to be needing to restock your Asian groceries soon? Next time you guys are here we should maybe hit Oriental de Cuba for some Mango batidos.

    Vitamin R(ainer) is quite effective too; he’s quite a bundle of optimismo.

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